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ACRES | Testimonials

Ken Fickle
VP Global Logistics
Peiker Acustic

"My experience with ACRES over many years has been excellent. This company is incredible; the team is multifaceted and always finds a way to deliver what I need.   I have secured their professional services on many projects including building & property site selection in the US and Mexico, lease negotiations, contract review, and they even helped to secure SBA loans and assisted with business plans for new start up businesses. They have earned my business for life!"

Robert McTaggart, Esq.
McTaggart & Beasley, PLLC

"Andy Anderson, as well as the rest of the team at ACRES (Anderson Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc.) are experienced professionals at Leasing, Management, Sales, Development, and Financing. They have engaged me to work with them on various matters, and it is always a pleasure to have interesting deals to work on, and to work with people like Andy who understands the complexities of real estate development and related transactions."

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